WordPress Website Maintenance

Wordpress Website Maintenance

Ensure Your Website is Working For You,
Not Against You!

Good chance you have invested a large amount of time, money, or both into making sure your website is exactly what you want, so don’t let that investment go to waste. What many people do not realize is that after a website is up and running there is more work still left to be done. Most of the time if you do not give your website the proper attention it’s performance can slow down hindering usability and affecting your google rankings, and it can also become a security risk opening your site to hackers and malware. The best way to fight this is to make sure you have a wordpress expert performing wordpress website maintenance on your site at least once a month. Do not let your website become a security risk.
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WordPress Website Maintenance Features

  • WordPress Updates Updates to WordPress core, themes, and plugins
  • Daily Backups Keep a complete copy of your website ready in case something happens
  • Security Monitor Daily security checks by Sucuri site scanner to make sure your site stays safe
  • Performance Monitor Catch any performance problems that can hinder your users from fully enjoying their site experience
  • Client Report Get a monthly report of your site activity to see what actions need to be taken to improve your site
  • Function Checks I can perform a functions check such as run a contact form submissions to make sure your users can always contact you

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