About Me

The TLDR  Version: I am a Website Developer located in Wichita, KS. I have experience with building and customizing websites with WordPress, as well developing and modifying custom WordPress plugins and themes.

The Long Version: I was born in Chicago, IL but have been raised in Wichita, KS since my early teenage years. Originally living in a much more dangerous area of Chicago my parents decided to move to the much safer city of Wichita where I would be able to grow with less of a risky atmosphere. Although having always been more or less addicted to a computer i was able to do other various things.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Full Sail University in Web Page Design and Development in 2014 and before that an Associates from Coffeyville Community College in Computer Systems Technology. I worked as a freelance website developer the same time as I went to school for my degree. I have accrued many years of experience in website development and I am still learning new things every day. The world of website development is very large and my outlook when working is to make sure to do things right by following the standards but doing it creatively as possible.

I served in the United States Army Reserve for 11 years, starting right out of high school. While there was no real job of website developer in the military I picked the closest job to a computer that was offered by my recruiter which was a Human Resource Specialist(42A). I worked hard as a 42A and gained the respectable position of a Sergeant before parting ways in 2016. I value my time in the service, for there is where I learned structure and integrity above all else.

Don’t let all the Army talk fool you, I was also a cheerleader for most of my college career as well. I just sort of fell into the cheerleading world when I was in high school and was offered a scholarship and a job by the present day Wichita State Spirit Coordinator. After basic training with the Army I had cheerleading camp with Coffeyville Community College. I was given a scholarship to cheer and compete for the Coffeyville Community College Red Ravens for two years, and after that I went to Wichita State University where I cheered and competed as well. Along with cheering for my college I was also given a position to be an instructor for cheerleaders by Universal Cheerleaders Association(UCA), which I taught for 7 years before giving it up. The cheerleading world taught me a wealth of values but the two main values I treasure most would be teamwork and creativity.