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My name is Donte Henley, I was born in Chicago, IL but have been raised in Wichita, KS. I have had various experiences in my life which have made a sort of odd duck when it comes to being a developer. I served 11 years in the United States Army Reserve as a Human Resources Sergeant. It was there I learned the proper discipline and integrity that I carry with me everyday in both my professional and personal world. Doing a bit of a 180, I also cheered most of my college career and also acted as an instructor. This was a valuable experience as it’s where I was able to pick up my communication skills that I use everyday.


I have been a Web Developer for over 7 years, and I have had my main focus in WordPress Development. After graduating from Full Sail University I worked as a freelancer for various agencies as well as help launched many business sites. I acted as the Lead Developer for Sock Monkey Marketing for 3 years where I was given the opportunity to learn and grow. I also acted as Lead Developer at Prime Concepts Group for over 3 and a half years as well, where I handled multiple projects simultaneously while managing other developers as well. Currently I am open to offering extra help to various agencies, I also help businesses expand their online presence as well.


  • Black Owned Business
  • United States Army Veteran
  • 7+ Years of Web Development
  • Communication and Structure
  • Create Custom WordPress Themes and Plugins

Free Consultation

I offer an in-depth consultation for your website absolutely free. In this consulation we will go over what is working with your website and what is not. If your website is up to code this will work as a confirmation, but if we happen to identify anything that needs changing you are welcome to take any information back to your own in-house development team. To get started just leave me a message letting me know the name of your site and if their is anything in particular you would like to go over.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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