5 steps in 5 minutes black businesses can take to increase their online presence

These are some quick tips on how to build or improve your online presence. These tips can apply to any type of business,  whether you are selling your hand crafted merchandise at your local pop ups or performing services such as styling hair for your friends.

  1. Buy your domain.
  2. Set up your social media presence for business!
  3. Buy business cards.
  4. Link your social media to one location.
  5. Support other black owned businesses.

1. Buy Your Domain!

The very first kicking off point should be to buy your domain. This is probably the most important thing you can do to have an online presence, you are essentially giving your business it’s face. You can do this basically anywhere online but I always suggest going with a well known domain registrar like 1and1.com.

2. Set Up Your Social Media Presence

Social media is an amazing way to connect to your community and network of friends and most everyone uses it. While you might have an account on your favorite social media you have to make sure to adjust for your business. Make sure you are taking advantage of the business side. Even though it might seem like you are starting from scratch it’s important to start correct. For facebook you need a facebook buisness page. You need a seperate business instagram page and connect it to your facebook business page.

3. Buy Business Cards

You might be asking why buy business cards if you want to increase your online presence. Having business cards helps bring your physical presence to a digital platform. Make sure that you have your domain and your social media on your business cards. If you have a really good reputation on word-of-mouth, start giving out your card and telling people to follow you.

4. Set Up a Online Location

If you’re at the very beginning of getting things set up I doubt you have a whole website up and ready to go, other alternatives is Online business Card. Linktree gives you the option to put all of your social media and website links in one place. This is important because depending on the user they will want to connect with you in different ways. When you put all your social media links and website links in one place, that gives your customer a chance to connect with you in whatever way they are most comfortable with. Once you get your Linktree set up all you have to do is forward your domain to your linktree page.

5. Support other black owned business

Find like minded people such as yourself and build a network. Go like, follow and comment on other black owned business social media and learn what they doing that can help your business and if you see something that can help them out don’t be afraid to mention it.

Go ahead and leave a comment if you want to add to the list, or you have any questions.

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